HCommons Site: DH as CUS

I’ve started a project on HCommons (the site was featured this week!) that expands my work on Digital Humanities as Critical University Studies. I’m still building, so contact me with any suggestions you may have!


What if Digital Humanities were to be mobilized as a extension of Critical University Studies (CUS)? How would it operate? What would it entail politically, organizationally, and discursively?

This site is, primarily, a working bibliography of politically oriented iterations of DH praxis with CUS theory, history, and practice. It is meant to chart potential overlap between both discourses as it also assists in reimagining DH’s infrastructural impact. At its base, this site builds a theoretical constellation that could be actualized as something more–a risky and transformative political project that strikes at the heart of our contemporary academic-corporate milieu. The working bibliography housed here does not dictate the “what” or the “how” of the DH/CUS overlap. This site is a provocation and a resource, a relay between theory and praxis, and an attempt to make politics happen in the very institutional sites where we feel most comfortable.


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