Let’s Make Something! Accounting for the Labor and Impact of The Digital Manifesto Archive

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I will be giving the following talk on Friday, April 24 as part of the GSO speaker series organized by The Department of Comparative Literature @ Binghamton University.

“Let’s Make Something! Accounting for the Labor and Impact of The Digital Manifesto Archive

The Digital Manifesto Archive is an academic resource dedicated to aggregating and cataloging manifestos that focus on the political and cultural dimensions of digital life as well as manifestos that are written, or primarily disseminated, online. In the course of 10 months, Izzy To (the archive’s co-creator and administrator) and I have cataloged over 200 manifestos, interviewed 6 authors/scholars in the field, and reached over 2,200 users (9,000 pageviews and 3,700 sessions). This presentation will account for the labor and impact of the archive within the broader discourse of the digital humanities. I will cover popular DH platforms (Omeka and the sites for building code-literacy), the role of critical making in the humanities, and questions concerning digital materiality and preservation.


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