IASH Presentation 4/2

blackZero_002Come join IASH on April 2nd for my presentation:

Conceptualizing Aldo Tambellini’s Black TV: Intermedia, Process Perception, and the Network Subject

Aldo Tambellini, Italian American filmmaker and multimedia artist, chose the color black to act as a base concept and metaphor for hundreds of political and aesthetic projects in the 1960’s and 70’s, including mediums as various as sculpture, poetry, film, and television. By mixing televisual technologies with site-specific performance, Tambellini’s aesthetic influenced political collectives like the 1960’s Manhattan-based Black Mask as well as the expanded cinema movement abroad. Tambellini’s techniques and political lineage extend into the present as well. In this presentation Matt Applegate situates Tambellini’s work as a historical and theoretical precursor to the analysis of digital media and film, most succinctly captured in Steven Shaviro’s work the “cinematic body” and “post-cinematic affect.” He is particularly concerned with the creation of mediated subjects and the extension of Tambellini’s “black metaphor” into the production of technologically mediated anonymity.


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